Honorable Justice V.Rengasamy, Administrator

My Greetings of the New year to you all and wish that this New year brings in its fold abundance of happiness and prosperity. The storm and floods in Chennai brought life to a stand still and almost every one experienced some kind of loss.For those of us away from the city, watching the images on television the situations created both empathy and a sense of helplessness. Thousands were left homeless and vulnerable at the mercy of the weather and the charity of good Samaritans. Many students expressed a sense of anger,frustration compounded by the fear of facing loss and control due to the frequent re scheduling of odd semester Examination. However there are ways we can begin to face the fear of loss and grief and in the process use what is best for our own personalities and temperaments

Dr.P.Natarajan, M.E., Ph.D., FIE, Principal

I would like to welcome you back for the start of our new work ahead in the even semester. It is our mission to empower the learners to grow academically, socially, and emotionally, by developing and supporting independent thinkers and problem solvers, who strive for excellence in the classroom and in the society throughout the year. I welcome and encourage your involvement in participation and input in making our college the best educational institution imparting technical education to all our students .Let us develop our college strategic plan with set targets and time frames to evaluate as to where we have succeeded or trailed and what to do to improve, strengthen our teaching skill and introduce new methods in studies, in the conduct of examinations and provide an opportunity to students to assess our lectures every semester. Also let us allow both teaching and non teaching staff to assess themselves in the most objective manner possible in order to enable the management to take realistic judgment whenever they approach for redressal of any grievances. Through this initiation we hope to attain a world class status in society and education system.

A desire can change nothing.
A decision can change something.
A determination can change everything

Life throws a set of challenges in everybody. An engineer has to face challenges in his/ her domain areas, with strong innovative ideas, and with scientific knowledge. One’s commitment to become an engineer , the devotion shown to the studies in the college will bear fruits and will be palatial throughout one’s life.

Dr.M.S.Saleemullah M.Sc., M.Phil.- Vice Principal

It is no secret that community service is an important aspect of any student’s overall performance. A significant community service is excellent not just for the personal growth and development of the sensibilities of a young student but also providing material for interviews down the line. The violence of storm that lashed chennai was very real . Chennai and parts of coastal Tamil Nadu faced the brunt of nature’s fury, in what has been described as the heaviest rainfall experienced in a century. The process of actually serving food to the homeless and repainting a helmet helps channel his/her sense of helplessness .There are many ways that one can help the less fortunate and get involved in the process of rebuilding. This can begin at home with one getting involved helping domestic staff, security ,drivers and other residents in the neighbourhood who are facing difficulties. During the past Tsunami rehabilitation efforts , a group of students planned to help, after their college activities, those people whose families were affected by the storm and it bears testimony that their efforts really helped them see that they could make difference. It reminds us that each one of us has the potential to be much more than we think we are. History has always regarded the pattern of rebuilding people after the cycle of destruction. Japan is an example , having survived both the effects of war and National disaster. For those inclined to believe in the power of prayer, one’s daily remembrance can include those who are suffering. The prayer goes beyond our daily needs and wants and in silence, one can really sense the bond that connects all humanity, beyond the barriers of religion caste and our personal ideas of family. The universal language of grief, brings about a deep connection that really reminds us of “Being human”.

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