Innagration of Society of Automotive Engineers

Guest Lecture on Image Processing

Innagration of Indian Welding Society & Workshop on Welding Technologies on 23rd April 2016

Conference on RIETMA 2016

Workshop on Advanced Injection Molding Techniques on 28th March 2016

National Level Technical Symposium on 7th March 2016

Guest Lecture on “Recent Trends in Manufacturing” on 25th Sep 2015


16th Graduation Day on 17th May 2015,
Workshop titled “Entrepreneurship Oriented Program” on 6th & 7th Oct 2014

Conference titled “RIEMTA 2015” on 26th & 27th April 2015
Workshop on Research Methodology on Engineering & Basic Sciences on 13th May 2015


Workshop titled “Transmission System” on 07th Oct 2013


Workshop titled “Advances in Welding Technology” on 8 th April 2013