Mechanical Engineering Lab Details

      The department laboratories are fully equipped with all required equipments and software needed for practical and Research oriented work of the students. The departments aspires to conduct symposium/energy club every year and inspires the students and faculty memberts to participate in various technical research activities.
S No
Name of the Laboratory
Manufacturing Technology Lab-I
Name of the Equipment 

Centre Lathe with accessories
Arc welding machine
Gas welding machine (without O2 cylinder)
Hand Shear 300mm
Standard tools and calipers for sheet metal work
Moulding Table
Moulding boxes, tools and patterns
Injection Moulding Machine

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab

Name of the Equipment

Orifice meter setup
Venturi meter setup
Rotameter setup
Pipe Flow analysis setup
Scientific   Linux
Centrifugal pump setup
Reciprocating pump setup
Gear pump setup
Pelton wheel setup
Francis turbine setup
Kaplan turbine setup
Jet Pump

Manufacturing Technology Lab II
  Name of the Equipment

Turret and Capstan Lathes
Horizontal Milling Machine
Vertical Milling Machine
Surface Grinding Machine
Radial Drilling Machine
Lathe Tool Dynamometer
Gear Hobbing Machine
Pillar Drilling Machine
Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Brazing Machine
Milling Tool Dynamometer
Tool and Cutter Grinding
Universal Milling Machine

Strength of Materials Lab
  Name of the Equipment

Universal Tensile Testing machine With double shear attachment (40 Ton Capacity)
Torsion Testing Machine(60 NM capacity)
Impact Testing Machine(300 J Capacity)
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Rock Well Hardness Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine
Metallurgical Microscopes
Muffle Furnace(800 °C)
Deflection Test On Beams
Disc polish Machine
Strain Measurement Using Rosette Strain Gauge




Name of the Equipment

1. Computer System
2. 15.6” LCD Monitor
3. i3-3320 CPU 3.30GHz processor
4. 300 GB Hard disk
5. 2GB Ram
6. Mouse
7. Keyboard
Ansys Version 11
CNC Trainer System
Autodesk AutoCAD 2011
Scientific   Linux
Solid works

Thermal Engineering Laboratory – I
  Name of the Equipment

Red Wood Viscometer
Flash and Fire Point
4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Mechanical loading
4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Hydraulic loading
4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Electrical loading
I.C Engine – 2 stroke and 4 stroke cut section model
Multi-cylinder Petrol Engine
Single Cylinder Diesel Engine (High speed)
Single Cylinder Petrol Engine
Data Acquisition System setup
Steam Boiler with Turbine Setup

Dynamics Laboratory
  Name of the Equipment

Cam Analyzer
Motorized Gyroscope.
Governor Apparatus(Watts, Proell, Porter and Hartnell)
Whirling of Shaft apparatus.
Balancing of reciprocating masses
Static and dynamic balancing machine.
Vibration test facilities apparatus
Cantilever Beam Setup
Bifilar Suspension setup
Spring Mass System
Compound Pendulum
Turn Table Apparatus
Dynamic balancing machine
Study of gear Trains setup

  Name of the Equipment

Trainer CNC lathe
CNC Milling Machine
Computer System
1. 5.6” LCD Monitor
2. Dual core E2610 3 GHz processor
3. 80 GB Hard disk
4. 512 MB Ram
5. 945 GC chipset
6. Motherboard
6. Mouse
7. Keyboard

Metrology and Measurement Lab
  Name of the Equipment

Vernier Caliper.
Vernier Height Gauge
Vernier Depth Gauge
Slip Gauge Set
Gear Tooth Vernier.
Sine Bar
Bevel Protractor
Floating Carriage Micrometer
Profile Projector
Mechanical Comparator
Temperature Measuring Setup
Displacement Measuring Setup(LVDT)
Force Measuring Setup
Torque Measuring Setup
Tool Makers Microscope
Dial Gauge Calibration
Sine centre

Thermal Engineering Laboratory II
  Name of the Equipment

Guarded plate apparatus
Lagged pipe apparatus
Natural convection apparatus
Forced convection apparatus
Pin-fin apparatus
Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus
Emissivity measurement apparatus
Parallel/counter flow heat exchanger
Two stage reciprocating air compressor
Refrigeration test rig
Air-conditioning test rig

Mechatronics Laboratory
  Name Of The Equipment

Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit 
PLC trainer kit
Electro-Pneumatic Kit
8051 – Microcontroller kit with stepper motor
AC servo Motor Controller
LABVIEW software
Hydraulic Training kit
Air compressor

Engineering Practice Laboratory
  Name of the Equipment

Carpentry vice (fitted to work bench)
Centre Lathe with accessories
Standard woodworking tools
Planer (electric)
Welding booth
Welding accessories like welding shield, chipping hammer, wire brush, etc.
Centre lathe
Hearth furnace, anvil and smithy tools
Angle Grinder
Study-purpose items: centrifugal pump, air-conditioner