Research & Development Cell

About R&D

1.To promote and facilitate leading edge Research in Engineering and Technology & Management
2. Building, and providing sufficient support for a community of innovative researchers, to enhance research capabilities at the college and to increase     internal and external research opportunities for faculty and graduate students
3.Regular communication of Research centre activities and opportunities for faculty and students involvement
4.Upgradation of workshop and laboratory through Funding Agencies
5.To develop Research proposal for funding from DST /DRDO/AICTE/MHRD
6.To organize seminars/Conferences/workshops in the relevant area of Engineering & Technology and Management
7.To create state of the art Research lab facility for young engineers to carry out research in interdisciplinary domains
8.The R&D activities of the college are bifurcated in to “Industry Related Project Research” and “Pure Academic Research
9.To identify thrust areas and potential for further Research activities
10.To identify areas for training to strengthen the R&D culture
12.To encourage faculty members of all the disciplines in engineering/science /humanity and management to participate in R&D activities for their     professional growth

Short Term Goal:

1.To motivate faculty and students to participate in Seminars/Conferences/Workshops and share their knowledge and experience
2.To motivate faculty and students to present/publish Research papers in reputed National & International journals and submit a copy to R& D Cell
3.To start Research programme in Engineering & technology, funded by National & International research bodies
4. To motivate faculty and students to design and fabricate and implement viable functional projects for the benefit of the institution.
    The institution may provide financial support & facilities

Long Term Goal:

1.Initiating process of establishing Research centre in Engineering & Technology domain
2.Exhorting the importance of culture or movement that research & academics are complementary to each other. Both are needed for upgrading the standard of education in our country.