Department of Physical Education

            Physical education is a part of general education and it is an education to prepare the student to be healthy and robust. Generally we imagine that physical education is meant only for developing the person’s physique i.e. perfect shape of the body. But the physical education is much beyond this. It is meant to develop a knowledge of an individual to develop the physical well being and prevent physical diseases as well as mental problems and maintain a good personality. It can help to cut unwanted fat and make the body sculpt. It also deals with exercises to prevent many mental problems like stress, anxiety, anger etc., through the knowledge of Yoga. The motto of physical education is to inculcate this all people and create a disease free nation.


Our college management has set up the Department of Physical Education and has provided many facilities for students to take up physical education activities as classes also. The objectives of the Department are

The students are participating in various athletic events and games inside and outside the college and are bringing laurels to our college.